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I Cannot Unsee The Horror I Witnessed at Skydome


The kids and I had been talking about this afternoon's game for weeks.  I bought three tickets for the Jays vs. Rays at the diamond formerly known as Skydome, decked the kids out in Jays gear, and got there early.  We don't get to many games, so we cross our fingers and hope for a Jays victory.

The first pitch of the game by Brandon Morrow left the park, and I knew we might be in for a long afternoon.  By the end of the second, we were down 5-0, and Rays pitcher David Price was mowing us down on his way to setting a franchise record with 14 strikeouts.  It wasn't just ugly, it was the worst Jays loss I have ever witnessed live.

12-0.  Twelve freakin' nothing.  We ended up striking out 18 times, the most we've ever struck out in a nine inning game.  I tried to distract the kids from the horror by hyping up the Pizza Pizza promotion that promises a free slice should Jays pitchers strike out seven Rays.  We did, but even that didn't go according to plan...

We left the diamond after an awful 3.5 hour game, and visited a Pizza Pizza to get our free slices.  We were then told that we could only redeem our tickets for slices on Monday.  I don't remember the public address announcer mentioning that little wrinkle.

Jays Game

Sometimes you get a walk off grand slam, and sometimes you get a 12-0 loss.  That's just the way the ball bounces.

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