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Google+ Invites For All!


Google's track record with me was stellar until Google Wave.  That one was crushed by its complexity.  I'd play in the Wave sandbox for hours and leave it more confused than when I got there.

Google+ is Google's social-networking response to Facebook and Twitter.  The interface is pretty awesome, and the promise is... well... it's promising.  With Google+ invites flying around cyberspace at warp speed, I suspect my circles will be busting by this time next week.

That's the thing about new social network sites... they don't fly until the masses adopt.  It's the proverbial tree falling in a forest.  It's a lame party until your buddies show up.


In an attempt to populate the Google+ universe by my lonesome, I've got invites to give away.  Who wants one?  Just leave a comment asking for an invite and I'll send one your way.

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