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this is weird.

so it's like this. Mike has given me the honour of guest blogging here and there, and although it sounds like good fun, i feel a little weird about it.

to me, it's sort of like i've been invited over to a barbecue at Mike's house through a friend, but i've never met Mike. Mike's hospitable and tells me to feel at home, but you know, i'm just meeting the guy for the first time. it's not like i'm gonna walk around the barbecue in my underwear, because frankly i'd really feel at home then.

Mike also tells me to help myself to a beer in the fridge, which for me is a bit odd too. going into the fridge of a person you just met is a little bit like feeling up a person on the subway. it might be rewarding (beer) but it seems wrong (sexual assault). but, eventually i do proceed to the kitchen to grab a beer. when i open the fridge, i notice that Mike has one of my favourite things in the whole wide world inside. it's those extra spicy beef sausage sticks.

boy do i love those tasty meat sticks.

there's a whole giant pack of them too. and hey, Mike told me to feel at home, so what harm does it do if i grabbed one? so i take a beer and a giant bite of my newly acquired meat prize, shut the door of the fridge, and turn just in time to see Mike walking into the kitchen.

now let's face it. although Mike has told me to feel at home, i don't think he really meant for me to root through the various compartments of his refrigerator to see if i could throw a snack together. i sheepishly look at Mike and stop chewing in an attempt to camouflage my poaching, but it's too late. we both know i've crossed some line of intimacy that i simply haven't earned yet. what's next? i show up unannounced at his house christmas morning just as his kids are opening presents?

so Mike, and all of you, thank you for letting me into your home. i'm flattered by your invitation but don't be surprised if, once in a while, there's a bit of fumbling awkwardness here and there.

Ryan G

PS - proving my point, i nearly forgot to ultimately pose the question to all of you.

got any awkward real-life stories? if so, share some here.

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