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Humble and Colleen Fired from Boom 97.3


This all seems awfully familiar...

In July 2006, I noticed traffic to this site from folks searching 'humble howard fired'.  That prompted me to write "Humble Howard, Are You Okay?".

It turns out, he was fired from Mix 99.9 that day, and I unfortunately broke the story.  Humble and I became great friends after that, and we remain good friends to this day.

It's happening again. There are visits to this blog from people searching 'humble and colleen fired'.  Here's one example:


The first thing I do when I see such an indicator is visit the radio's website.  It's usually a dead giveaway.  When a radio personality is turfed, they try to erase him or her (in this case both) from the official radio site.  I shot over to to hopefully find Humble and Colleen's smiling faces. Sadly, they were noticeably absent from the hosts page.


It's unconfirmed at this point, but once again, we have a lot of smoke here for there to be no fire.  Humble, Colleen, are you guys okay? I've confirmed it.  Astral has fired Humble and Colleen.  Here's hoping they land on their feet.

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