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Optimus Reim Remains EPIC - Playoffs Schmayoffs


Fact: The Leafs finished 22nd overall this season.

Fact:  These exciting NHL playoffs don't include the blue and white for the sixth consecutive year.

Fact: James "Fucking" Reimer remains EPIC.

The video below from KesselySnipes was found on Pension Plan Puppets.

In the words of KesselySnipes:

Unnecessarily epic, beaucoup fromage, over the top, adhd, too much drums, loud, blood drenched centaurs skinning 100 foot hydras... However you want to describe this video, it's James "Fucking" Reimer; the man IS epic.

A big thanks to Pucking Hilarious for my new Optimus Reim tee shirt.  I'll never take it off.

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