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Andrew Krystal's Mornings End at The FAN 590


Well, that didn't take long.

A mere five months after Andrew Krystal took over the as morning host at The FAN 590, he's out.  The experiment has come to an end.

As tame as Landry and Stellick were, Krystal took the opposite approach, seemingly working very hard at being shocking.  He was clearly aiming at the kids, and this 36-year old couldn't stomach most of it.  He lost me, and I'm guessing he bled out.  This is a pretty significant move for a guy who just signed a 3-year contract.

I asked last June if Mike Richards was coming to do mornings at The FAN 590.  Apparently, Mike Richards turned down the job last September over pay issues, but is now on his way to the competition.

With Andrew Krystal out, Greg Brady is taking over on an interim basis.  Who will get the gig permanently at The FAN 590? Does anyone have an educated guess?

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