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Ricky Was Funny... Get Over it, Hollywood


I'm starting to come back to life after a battle with this bug that's making the rounds.  Although I'm a little late, I wanted to write about the Golden Globes.

The best part of the show was Ricky Gervais.  He was predictably funny with pot-shots at Hollywood celebs who take themselves far too seriously.  If you missed his opening monologue, do yourself a favour and watch it here.

It was funny, but at some point, I'm guessing Ricky shattered Hollywood's fragile ego.  At about 9:30 he disappeared from the telecast for over an hour.  There's speculation the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has already blacklisted Gervais, ensuring he won't be invited back and any movie he's associated with won't be nominated for a Golden Globe.

Ridiculous.  Ricky was funny, and Hollywood needs thicker skin.  Get over yourselves.

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