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Shakespeare My Butt and Ron Hawkins' Voice Change


A few years ago I decided I would chisel my favourite Canadian albums down to a lean and mean top ten.  The resulting list included Shakespeare My Butt from The Lowest of the Low, an album that turns 20 next year.

I just read a nice little article about The Lowest of the Low and the 20th anniversary of Shakespeare My Butt over at CHARTAttack, and it included this little nugget.

The Lowest Of The Low's career trajectory post-Shakespeare included a host of highlights, but just as many lowlights. Their indie success was followed by an uneasy alliance and ultimately negative experience with a major label, but they'd be the first to admit they didn't always play nice in that particular sandbox.
Case in point: their two biggest national TV appearances while signed to A&M resulted in performances of their most controversial and arguably least accessible song on MuchMusic and a display of public urination on CBC, respectively.
Hawkins' voice suffered an accidental change in register after a particularly vigorous tackle during a game of touch football, while long van rides and the general excesses of life on the road slowly eroded the camaraderie between the four friends.

I had never heard about Ron Hawkins' voice changing after a football tackle.  Did that really happen?

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