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My Go-To Mr. Freeze Kisko Freezie Flavour


I just saw @blogesalming complaining about all the orange flavoured Popsicles in the box he just opened.  I'm not an orange fan myself.  My go-to Popsicle flavour is grape, or "purple" as I call it.

We buy these big boxes of Mr. Freeze Kisko Freezies.  The box contains the following flavours:

  • grape
  • cream soda
  • watermelon
  • cherry
  • orange
  • blue raspberry

When the box comes in, daddy goes straight to grape.  Always.  I'll ride the grape train until they're gone, then I'll reluctantly switch to cream soda, or "white" as I like to call it.


What's your go-to flavour / colour of freezie?

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