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Jump! The Ongoing History of Songs Named Jump


The Pinery Provincial Park is about 3.5 hours from Toronto.  I just made the round trip in a new Taurus lent to me by Ford.  This Taurus has a great audio system, enabling me to sync my iPod or listen to Sirius satellite radio.  I did both.

One of the stations I'll check out on Sirius is The '90s on 9.  It's just wall-to-wall tunes from the 1990s, the decade for me in which music was everything.  I love me a good 90s song.

Today, while listening to The '90s on 9, I heard a track from 1992 I didn't know.  It was the only song I heard on this station that I didn't know.  It was called "Jump!" and it was by The Movement.  naturally, I started thinking about all the "Jump" songs I know well, and then researched all the "Jump" songs I don't know.  This is the ongoing history of songs named Jump.

As with many things in life, this list starts with Loverboy.  In 1981, Calgary's own Loverboy began the "Jump" song saga when they released Get Lucky, an album best known for its opening track, "Working for the Weekend".  Get Lucky also featured "Jump".

We'll jump from Loverboy to The Pointer Sisters, who unleashed their poppy "Jump" in 1983.  The "Jump" song (r)evolution is well underway.

That was 1983, and Van Halen was listening.  In early 1984, they released the definitive "Jump" song.  If you can hear this song and not think you're at a hockey game, you're a better man than I.

It's hard to top Van Halen's "Jump", but Kris Kross sure as hell tried.  Say what you will about their 1992 hit "Jump", but you've got to admit it's catchy.  I'm just hoping this whole 'wear your clothes backward' thing makes a comeback.

Since we're in 1992, let's address the "Jump!" I heard this morning that sparked this entry.  It's by The Movement and I don't remember it at all.

Fast forward to 2001, and the "Jump" song epidemic hits Japan.  Japanese band, Every Little Thing, hit #7 on the Japanese charts with their "Jump".

It's N*E*R*D's turn!  N*E*R*D released their "Jump" in 2004.

Later in 2004, Simple Plan, a band I love to hate, jumped on the "Jump" bandwagon with their own "Jump".  Save yourself 3:11 and skip  this one.

One year after Simple Plan impressed nobody with their "Jump", a Brit-pop all-female band had a minor UK hit with their own "Jump".  This band is called The Faders, and no, I've never heard of them either.

In 2006, supreme copycat artist Madonna found out about all these "Jump" songs and had to have a slice of the pie.  Here's Madonna's "Jump".

And, as proof the "Jump" song craze has hit maximum overdrive, Flo-Rida and Nelly Furtado released "Jump" in 2009, a song subsequently used to promote a movie about hamsters.

Now you know the rest of the "Jump" story.

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