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How to Make Easy Bookshelves With Planks, Concrete Block & Glass


I was checking the referral logs when I saw traffic coming from this eHow article entitled "How to Make Easy Bookshelves With Planks, Concrete Block & Glass".

Bookshelves are an important part of a home's organization. Bookshelves hold books, nick-knacks and even electronics like radios or small televisions. Most bookcases are quite expensive, especially if they are sturdy and well-made. You can create a sturdy and stylish bookshelf using cinder blocks, and glass for very little money. You will need to know how to assemble these materials to create a useful bookshelf.

There are instructions on how to create your own cinder block bookcase, and a link to the reference to the article.  That reference?  An entry I wrote about the cinder block bookcase I built while at university.

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