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Alpha-Getti Gobbler Rewind


Like most things, it started with a spontaneous thought.  "You're the Alpha-Getti Gobbler!" I blurted to my 2.5 year old daughter.  I hadn't thought of the Alpha-Getti Gobbler in years, but that day in 2007 he popped back into my head.

The Alpha-Getti Gobbler was a flying spaghetti monster-like creature that was featured in a television ad for Alpha-Getti I saw numerous times as a kid.  He didn't exist on the web.  Google searches didn't reveal a single image or piece of video that showed what the Alpha-Getti Gobbler looked like.

A year later, Ryan Barnett was Googling the ad and found my entry.  Ryan Barnett was one of the three children in the Alpha-Getti Gobbler ad and he had the advertisement on DVD.  That sparked this Gobbler alert.

Ryan emailed me the ad, I posted it on YouTube that day, and we had our Alpha-Getti Gobbler.  Here he is:

Ryan agreed to an interview during which he spilt all the deets on the Alpha-Getti Gobbler.  He also sent me an updated pic:


I found my Alpha-Getti Gobbler.

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