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Jays STAT: Angry Little Girl or Happy Cat?


We're living in an era of information overload.  Between the RSS feeds and Twitter, there's not enough time in the day to absorb all the data.  I mean, my kid has a t-ball game today, and my wife wants to watch The Cove before she loses me to the NHL playoffs again.

I root for the Toronto Blue Jays.  There was a time when I never missed an inning, either tuning in on TV or listening to Tom and Jerry on CJCL.  That time has passed, but I still need to know if our last game was a good one or a dog.  Thanks to the simplistic beauty of Jays STAT, I absorb my Jays updates in brilliant micro nuggets.  I get the score, and either an angry little girl or a happy cat.  Oh yeah, and lens flare.  We can't forget the lens flare.

With a quick glance, you know the score and you know who to praise or who to blame. Lens flares? Yeah, we got 'em. Happy cat? Yeah, we got him too. Don't forget the Angry Little Girl. If we see her less that 80 times this season, consider 2010 a success.

I actually subscribe to the Jays STAT RSS feed and hope for lots of happy cats.  We've had five in a row!

Here's the update from a recent comeback victory.  If you're a Jays fan, introduce yourself to Jays STAT.

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