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One Championship Down, One To Go...


I awoke this morning with an eerily calm feeling.  When I woke up James, I told him about my feeling.  I just felt good about the day ahead... as if good things were going to happen.

James was playing for the Swansea Hockey Association Novice Division Championship of the world.  Before the game, the ISP dressing room was a mad house.  The jams were pumping, the speeches were flowing and everyone was sugaring up with Timbits.  James, as displayed in this pre-game video I took, shared my eerie calmness.

ISP won the hard fought game 3-1 and the party began.  First, in the great tradition started by the 1980s Edmonton Oilers, there was the team photo on the ice with the trophy.

SHA Champions

James loves being a champion, and was pleased his mom, sister and grandmother made it out for his big moment.

SHA Champions
champion 036
SHA Champions
SHA Champions

In the dressing room, it was a scene of sweet relief and celebration.  Queen's We Are The Champions bellowed from a boombox, the trophy was passed around, pucks were signed, beer (of the root variety) was guzzled and Coach Gerry was presented with a #4 Bobby Orr jersey.  He had to leave the room to cry.

If you were to ask me which game I wanted more, this one or the one at 3pm today, I'd have to go with this one.  There's nothing more awesome than watching 7 and 8 year old kids play hard all season and win it all, and I know my son will never forget this feeling.  They're playing for pride and a trophy, and today they're true champions.

Still, my eerie calm remains.  I sense we'll go 2-for-2 today.  I've got a feeling...

Champion - congrats, James!

Congrats, James... ISP are SHA Novice Division champs!

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