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Canada Wins Gold in Hockey, My Heart Bursts With Pride



What a fantastic finish.  I'm only now coming up for air, having flown above cloud 9 since Sidney Crosby scored in overtime to beat the USA and win Canada's record-breaking 14th gold medal.  That scream you heard when Crosby potted the winner was mine.

I watched this game with the people I love the most in the world, and as we headed into overtime, I openly hoped Crosby would get the winner.  I'm a big fan, a big believer, and I knew nothing would shut up his detractors faster than a gold medal winning goal.  Now, we have a moment like this stitched into our cultural fabric, and there is no undo button.  Nothing can take this away from us.  This is our moment.


When I'm on my deathbed, hopefully many decades from now, I'm going to remember this day.  I'm going to remember it starting at 8am when I woke up my son for his championship game, a game he'd win, and ending with this euphoric feeling of national pride because we're #1.  This is our game, on our ice, and now it's our gold and our podium.

I've never been so happy to be so right.  Thanks, Canada.

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