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Olympics Updates on Web, Mobile and Twitter


Here are some good sites for following these XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

On the Web

CBC's Vancouver Now - historically, I've always preferred CBC's online coverage of the games.  I've even installed the CBC News extension for Google Chrome.

CTV Olympics - If you haven't heard, CTV is broadcasting the Olympics this year.  This is their official site.

2010 Olympics on Yahoo! Sports - Yahoo! typically does a good job covering the Olympics games, even though I lost out in my quest to be their official Vancouver 2010 blogger.

Vancouver 2010 Official Site - This is a great site for schedules time checks.

On the Blackberry / other mobile

2010 Olympics on Yahoo! Sports Mobile - I've bookmarked this site on my Blackberry so I'll know the medal count and top stories in real time wherever I may be.

On Twitter

@CDNOlympicTeam - I suspect this might be the way I first get all results I don't watch live on television.  If you're on Twitter, I strongly suggest you follow @CDNOlympicTeam.

And don't forget...

Toronto Mike will be blogging every medal Canada wins, as I have for the past three Olympics games.  All Olympics entries will be conveniently archived at

Let the games.... begin.  Go Canada Go!

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