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Maple Leafs 3, Kings 5


The George Carlin of the Barilkosphere, also known as Down Goes Brown, had this to tweet the other night.

Dear 2009-10 Toronto Maple Leafs. You have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I hate you.

That, in a nutshell, is precisely the problem.  There are no redeeming qualities to speak of.  We watch, because it's our team, and you don't desert your team during bad times, but you don't have to love your team.  You can root for your team and hate your team.  I have the right to hate my team, and I hate this team.

And now the vultures are circling, picking through the carcass of this Leafs' season.  All this and our first round pick belongs to Boston.

There's more to say... so much more... but in typical 2009-10 Toronto Maple Leafs fashion, I'm going to underwhelm as I disappoint  and miss your already low expectations.

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