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iPad Ad From Apple


I actually resisted the iPod for years.  I preferred my iRiver because it actually had a built in FM receiver.  Sometimes I want to listen to MP3s, other times I want to listen to the radio.

I eventually bought a Shuffle for running and a couple of years ago I got a Touch for my birthday.  The Touch won me over.  I love the interface, the apps, the browser - and it even plays MP3s!

Today, unless you're living under a rock, you've heard that Apple has unveiled their new iPad.  It's more than just a bigger Touch, but it's not for me.  When I need a pocket device I have my Touch and when I need something bigger I have my trusty laptop.  I don't feel compelled to drop $1000 hundreds of dollars on an iPad.

Here, hot off the press, is the new ad from Apple for the iPad.  This is a Toronto Mike exclusive.

And here's the iPad itself.  This is not a Toronto Mike exclusive.

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