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Roy Halladay Traded to Philadelphia Phillies #endofanera


Roy Halladay isn't just the best pitcher in the game, he's a throwback to a time when starters demanded the ball in the ninth inning. He never complains, he just goes about his business. When he's on the mound, you know there's a chance for a 2 hour game. He's efficient, he's effective and he's been ours for his entire 11-year major league career.

Now, if reports from ESPN are correct, he's a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.  He's part of a three-team trade that likely also involves Cliff Lee, who would end up with Seattle.  We'd get prospects for the greatest Blue Jay of all time.

Halladay, 32, is 148-76 lifetime with a 3.43 ERA. He won the 2003 Cy Young Award and finished in the top five in the Cy Young voting four other times.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I heart him.  Roy Halladay is was the Blue Jays. He is was the heart and soul of this team, consistently awesome. I heart Roy Halladay and I don't care who knows it.

Farewell, Roy, and good luck with Philadelphia.  Next season, I'll be rooting for the Phillies to win it all.  Although I knew this day was imminent, I still find myself unprepared... this is the part of professional sports I like least.

This is for you, Roy.

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