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Live Blogging Leafs vs. Sens From ACC Press Box


I'm sitting in media seat #67.  No foolin'.  Of all the numbers I could have got, I got #67.

I've already had a tour of the Rogers Sportsnet broadcast truck, seen Cliff Fletcher chowing down on a pre-game meal and I've been ice level to soak in some pre-game ambiance.

I'll be updating this entry throughout the game, so keep pressing F5.  I'll also add some pics once I find my USB cable.

6:55 - All the popcorn and pretzels you want here... and just passed Mike Murphy and JFJ in the hallway.  Does JFJ ever leave?

Having a good chat with Jonathan about MLSE and guys like me who blog and tweet about the Leafs ad nauseum.  His vision is a suite where 20 or so bloggers / twitterers watch each game.  He's working on getting buy-in from management, but my presence here in seat #67 is a baby step in the right direction.

7:03 - Andy Frost is yelling at me!  He just announced that the young jedi Luke Schenn won't be playing tonight.  That's his 2nd healthy scratch in a row...

Just my luck that the night I get access to the media box at the ACC is the night the biggest news in the building involves the Toronto Blue Jays.

7:09 - Fun fact: The last time I saw a Leafs game from the ACC, Jim Cuddy sang the national anthem.  Today, Jim Cuddy sang the national anthem.  Spooky!

Game just started...go Leafs go!

7:19 - Leafs PP fizzled... On a TV timeout.  Sitting right in front of Dennis Beyak and the AM 640 crew calling tonight's game on radio.  You can hear him when the crowd isn't booing Alfredsson.

7:24 - Do the Leafs and Sens know this game started at 7?  C'mon guys, Toronto Mike is in da house!

7:28 - Here's the media seating chart.

leafs 005

7:34 - The ACC loudspeaker just played the 3rd Metallica song of the night.  And the Leafs are shorthanded.  Here's a view to my left in "The Foster Hewitt Media Gondola".

leafs 009

7:40 - The Leafs are being outshot 10-6 but Tosky's looked solid.  Now it's time for the Metro Food Frenzy!  See what you're missing!!!!

7:48 - Got another tour of the media rooms.  Guess who I bumped into (literally) while going for a vanilla fudge Drumstick?  Joe Bowen.  True story.

Had a chat with Mike Ullmer re: Luke Schenn and whether he should be in the press box here to my left or with the Marlies. I say he's better off with the Marlies than he is being a healthy scratch.  Mike agrees with me.

I'm diving into my ice cream now.  Back in a bit...

leafs 014

8:02 - I just sent Jonathan to get me a coffee.  Meanwhile, I'm making a total mess of myself trying to eat this Drumstick.

Jason Blake just scored!  That's got this place jumping.  Nice backhand from #55.  Leafs 1, Sens 0.

8:08 - #67

leafs 006

8:20 - Mike Fisher just scored to tie things up.  Having a great convo with Jonathan, my brother from another mother.

And Phil Kessel scores to put the Kessel Vessel back up by a goal.  What a shot!

8:29 - 4th Metallica song of the night...

Free stuff I've consumed: pretzels, popcorn, bottled water, coffee, ice cream.

# of media info papers I've had delivered to me: 5434.

8:42 - Here's some video I took of the intros.

8:51 - Third period is underway.  We just chatted about Hanson's blog, the awesome TFC atmosphere and censoring the word "vagina" on the official Maple Leafs Facebook page. Yes folks, I saw him do it.  Stop using the V word over there.

8:53 - Crap. Sens tied it up.  Btw, we get a special announcement with interesting facts re: penalties and goals, etc.  Did you know Poni likes long walks in the rain and mangos?

8:59 - Grabs scores with 13:58 to play in the third!  The crowd is chanting "Go Leafs Go" and watch out in section 102 because I just dropped my bagel.

9:05 - Has anyone seen Grabovski and Berezin in the same room at the same time?  Just wondering...

9:09 - Luke's Troops gets the biggest cheer of the night.  A standing O.

9:16 - I'm having a blast.  Great convo, great view, awesome evening.

4:09 to play.  Leafs up by a goal.  I'm staring at the banner for retired #5 Bill Barilko.  And Borje Salming is on the brand new scoreboard as the Leafs all-time highest scoring defenceman.

9:23 - C'mon Leafers, hang on... Sens goalie pulled.  Sens scored, but the ref calls it off!  Under review... the drama!

9:26 - No goal!  The crowd loves the call.  Screw you, Sens!

9:39 - Leafs win! Leafs win!

Komi was just announced as the first star and Poni was star #3.  Shots were 24-24.

I'm going to talk this guy into an independent Leaf fan consortium that has total access to MLSE without MLSE having any editorial say or veto power.  It's me and a few other intelligent Leaf fans who get the digital space and MLSE feeds us multimedia, access to players and ACC passes.  I'm serious.

From the ACC where God's team just beat the Sens, I'm signing off.

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