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Mr. Sub's Ad Agency Holds My Site Liable For Embedding YouTube Video?


On Monday I suggested that Mr. Sub's "Dinner" ad in which a father comes out as gay to his family might just be the worst ad I'd ever seen.  It sparked quite the discussion in the comments.

Earlier today, someone from the ad agency BOS Toronto wrote me a stern email about my entry.

Hi Mike,
I am writing on behalf of Bos advertising in Toronto, the creative agency for Mr. Sub. Please remove the spot you have titled Dinner (Gay) from your website immediately. We are in breach of contract with ACTRA (the union for these actors)  and may have to hold your site liable for any fines incurred if the spot is not removed today.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

The spot entitled "Dinner (Gay)" was never hosted by me, it was hosted by YouTube.  I was never actually at risk to be held "liable for any fines incurred" if the spot wasn't removed today.

I do see that the clip has now been pulled from YouTube, so I'm guessing Maddie read my reply to her email in which I explained how YouTube works and the difference between hosting and embedding a video.

For those who missed the Mr. Sub ad first time around, here it is again.  Yes, I found another instance of it on YouTube.  Maddie, this one's for you.

I still hate this ad.

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