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102.1 The Edge Top 200 Of All Time Countdown Voting Rigged


Remember Labour Day weekend when 102.1 the Edge counted down the Top 200 songs of the 90's?  In this neck of the woods, we had plenty of issues with how they came up with those 200 songs.  I ended up posting the list I thought CFNY / 102.1 the Edge should have come up with.

102.1 the Edge is at it again, putting together the Top 200 songs of all-time. Once again they're letting fans vote, but there's a not-so-small detail you should know.  Here's @mondoville tweeting about it.


That's right, 102.1 the Edge actually lists 200 songs and let's you vote for your favourites.  AT the very, very end, there's an option called "other" with a small text field beside it.  If you want to vote outside their top 200, you can submit one song at a time.  In other words, they've picked the top 200 and are just looking for the final order.


I'm just fascinated they've deemed Oasis' "Live Forever" worthy of Top 200 of all-time recognition, when it wasn't worthy of Top 200 of the 90s recognition.

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