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Dan Duran Returns to Radio on CHFI


As seen on Canadian Thinker, former Humble and Fred producer and all around good guy Dan Duran is returning to Toronto radio as a swing announcer starting later this month.  Dan Duran will be heard Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from seven till midnight, then again from noon till six on the weekend.

I'm happy for Dan, not just as a fan of the Humble and Fred show and not just because my son and his son are good buds, but because when I was camping that rainy weekend in May it was Dan who ensured I awoke to fresh coffee brewing.  He also makes a mean bonfire.  He's just generally handy to have around, and the neighbourhood has been suffering since he left at the end of June.  Seriously, there's literally been a foul stench in the air all summer as a result of his absence.

We've now got Humble at EZ Rock and Dan Duran at CHFI.  Is there another local chick station for Freddie?

Here's a pic of Dan and I and a few other vagrants we fed that day.  Dan's the tall guy in the back.  If you want to hear Humble and Fred podcasts we released into the wild, get on over to

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