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Communication for Non-Verbal People, Help for Autistic and Stroke Victims

Communication for Non-Verbal People,

My mom, having taught for 39 years and having just retired from teaching developmentally disabled students, has become proficient in the area of  communication for non-verbal people. Through a series of communication  pictures used through a program called Boardmaker, adults and children  alike who are non-verbal, either from developmental difficulties or as a  result of a stroke, benefit from making their needs known through this program.

Through pictures it has been proven that those who are frustrated  with not being able to communicate can now have access to a board that  allows them to pick pictures and make needs and desires known.  Expressions of appreciation and feelings can also be displayed. With  this program, stress is decreased for the patient as well as the  caregiver.

A schedule is made, not only to meet the needs of the caregiver, but also to give the  Autistic and stroke victims who cannot express themselves knowledge of  how the day will unfold. Through a page with three pictures, the person  who will be using boardmaker can let the non-verbal understand how the  day will unfold communicating through pictures. With autism, preparation  for what is to happen lessons the anxiety, and for adults who were  stroke victims who once were independent, it allows them more freedom  and understanding/control of the day ahead.

It is my mom's desire to help families caring for a non-verbal Autistic person or stroke victim. She wants to be able to teach families how to  communicate with the stroke patient or developmentally disabled  child/adult. Although rehab may help restore communication in time, for  certain patients this program helps relieve frustration in the short  term. For others who may never have verbal skills, it allows for more  control over their lives, especially as the young mature.

If you're interested in my mom's help, contact me and I'll pass on your email address.

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