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Colder Than Most People From Toronto

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Coors Light is running a localized marketing campaign in British Columbia poking fun at Torontonians.  The billboard campaign proudly declares the beer is "Colder Than Most People From Toronto."

Here's the ad:


I get that the rest of Canada is united in their dislike of Toronto.  When that guy was touring the country to create the mediocre documentary Let's All Hate Toronto I wrote:

It's nice to see we evoke so much passion. The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. The rest of Canada is anything but indifferent about Toronto, and I see that as a positive thing.

There's just one problem with Coors Light's current campaign.  In this age of smart phones and social networking and blogs and Google, can an ad campaign truly stay local?  How many Torontonians are going to see this billboard today?

Be careful what you put on that billboard, because it won't just be seen by the local Toronto-haters, and there are a helluva lotta beer drinkers here in the 416.

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