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A New, Independent FM for Strombo


Strombo has dropped a clue as to the future of his radio show now that he's parting ways with Corus.  He just posted a teaser on his blog.


George Stroumboulopoulos is talking about "a new, independent FM".  That's the change coming this fall, referenced in his Facebook message on The Strombo Show page.

Hi, Hope your summer is going well... The Strombo Show will be on vacation for the remainder of the summer, with some changes in the works for the fall. But, don't go too far because some really cool things are coming down the pipe. I'll update you as soon as I can :) Thanks, as always. George

Does anyone have a guess as to what this new, independent FM will be?  Is it web streaming? A new satellite radio show?  A CBC radio show?  A podcast?

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