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Here are recent comments left on this site you may have missed.  All of these comments were left within the past month, and the first one is possibly my favourite comment of all-time.

Mike: This mix would be okay if one were 13 and going to their junior high dance. Any DJ would be fired if he tried to play this shit. You're either a huge tool or middle aged.
1)Include some Justice MSTRCRFT Bloody Beetroots or anything similar in rage-i-ness.
2)Go to Hypem or read some damn music blogs.
Epic fail
~ wow, Best. Party. Playlist. Ever.
Every organized religion has the same basic bottom line: WE are right & everyone else is wrong... Duhhhh! As young children, we were all fed the same BS our parents were fed by their parents... on & on, back in time. Most people are so well indoctrinated & brain-washed that they completely fail to realize, recognize or accept that fact, rejecting even the possibility. It is this kind of sad manipulation that gets weak-minded people to fly planes into buildings. It is a very subtle form of hypnosis on a grand scale that's been going on for so many centuries that it has become invisible to all but those w/ a sane and logical mind. In nearly all cases, it is forced upon us from birth under local culture & society through chastisement & ridicule by our own friends & relatives. It uses the 'need to belong' & natural want of acceptance in an insidious way. The conclusion is very simple: Those who disagree with any of this don't even know they are sheep.
~ Don A., The Argument You Can't Win
I was the Chairman of Inner City Angels in 1983. As the Chairman I was concerned about the "Balloon Race" for the above reason and also I did not want young children knocking on stranger?s doors asking for donations. So I came up with another way to raise funds for the Inner City Angels art activities. I proposed that we publish a "Who's Who in Toronto" book. I estimated that we would raise over $250,000 for the arts. I explained to the board my concern about the "Balloon Race" and why I felt that this fund raiser would be more appropriate and not cause the concerns I had about children's safety and the environment. The board voted not to go ahead. They did not want to risk any funds on such an unknown undertaking. They were satified with the growth and funds they were getting from this Balloon event. The only Board member who supported my idea was the Toronto Star's restaurant food critic, the wonderful but alas departed Brent Thrall.
I resigned shortly thereafter and started the Community Homes for the Mentally Handicapped. I then took my own funds and produced in 1984 the historically acclaimed "Who's Who in Toronto: A Celebration of this City. The book was an immediate best seller raising over $250,000. The Toronto Star covered the City Hall launch on its front page. The book had 598 pages with hundreds of photos of the rich, famous and not so famous people. I even included the Inner City Angels. Today you can only find it in the reference library.
It was ironic when in 1989 the Chairman of Inner City Angels approached me for help in coming up with another fund raiser. It seemed that the city had stopped their environmental unfriendly fund raiser. Unfortunately, I could not since I was putting together the "Climb for Hope" Mount Everest Expedition to raise international awareness and funds for Rett Syndrome as I had change the charities name to better reflect the disorder that my daughter has.
Today, I am in Tianjin, China sell my patent pending Knowledge Generator software system to the Government and students of China and came across this article. Now you know some of the other sequence of events.
~ Ernest Sniedzins, Chairman, Inner City Angels Balloon Day Update
what not celine dion !
~ Anonymous, Top 100 Canadian Songs: The Definitive List
Prima is in receivership as of April 28, 2009.
Don't wait!!!!!
~ Joan, My Prima Television Nightmare
Remember when Mrs. Champ had a  heart attack? The paramedics arrived, assessed her and said, " Hey Champ! Your wife has acute angina!"
Remember when the Champ and Knuckles had to sleep in bunk beds? Knuckles said, " Hey Champ, do you want the bunk above me or B'low me?"
Remember when the Champ had a carpentry job with Jack? One day the boss had to downsize, so he said, " Hey Champ! I have to lay you or Jack off!"
~ madmarc, The Champ
I will miss both Martin & Barry. They both had a unique style that you either loved or hated. Either way, you remembered them.
My biggest problem with the whole thing was how The Edge completely erased any existance of them from their website, without any words of thanks or well wishes. Especially for Martin.
I mean the guys had been there over 20 years? You gain a large following of fans with that longevity and without offering some sort of honour to such a long-time employee is insulting to Martin, as well as the Edge listeners who enjoyed listening to him.
I understand that changes like this sometimes need to be quick and dirty to minimize a backlash and to move forward more quickly, but it is a cowardice, weak and disrespectful way of doing things.
I'm not as upset that Martin and Barry are gone, it's how The Edge handled it. At the very least, allow Martin and Barry to post a farewell letter where they can say goodbye to their fans and to comment on the good times they had while at The Edge. By not doing so, The Edge management appears to be insensitive to their own listeners who connect with the talent they promote.
The Edge ties so hard to create the feeling of belonging to their radio community. So when they take someone away with out giving the audience a chance to say goodbye, it feels like you lost a family member. I know that sounds cheesy but it does. It makes me feel like the Edge doesn;t give a shit about their listeners.
Well you know what Edge, after a stunt like this, I'm starting feel like I don;t give a fuck about you anymore. Way to alienate your own listeners. Fuck you.
~ Buller, Martin Streek Out At Edge 102.1 / CFNY
"Here we are in the year"... The Edge Top 30 (May 28th, 2009) includes: Green Day (1), The Tragically Hip (5), Pearl Jam (9) Rise Against (18), Nine Inch Nails (21), Rancid (22), Depeche Mode (23), Our Lady Peace (30) -for 8 of 26 different bands, 30.7%
JackFM Top 20 (May 23rd-29th, 2009) includes: AC/DC (1), The Tragically Hip (3), Nickelback (4) (15) & (19), Green Day (5), Coldplay (8), Pearl Jam (9) U2 (16) & (20), Staind (18) -for 8 of 17 different bands, 47.1% combined 13/(26+5+8) = 13/39 = 33.33%
One is a "new music" station owned by a Shaw subsidiary; the other is a Rogers owned station with a broadcast TV video show.
~ CQ, Grunge Forever
watched them this morning discussing how archaeology was a difficult word to spell, then the girl decided to try to spell it out...she spelled it out as archeology, which is still right, but then everyone else there (ann and matt) were all impressed (after saying, "wow, well i have no idea how to spell it, but that sounds good...well done")  and then went on to discuss how spelling is hard...i was forced to change the channel.  I've never heard such awful banter.
~ ugh..., CP24 Breakfast Is Not Breakfast Television
Thank to those of you who made comments, both good and bad...either way, it's proof that you listened and/or cared about the scene I/we were part of...
~ Martin Streek, Martin Streek Out At Edge 102.1 / CFNY
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