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Things Are Awesome Until You Discover Money


Things were better before I figured out they were businesses.  Specifically, I'm thinking of sports and radio.

I remember a time when I knew every player on the Blue Jays roster and I didn't have a clue what any of them made.  It didn't make a difference what the terms were for Dave Collins vs. George Bell.  I knew Collins had lightning speed and Bell had power, and that was enough.  Baseball, and sports in general, is best before you realize it's a business.

Radio is the same.  As a kid, I'd surf the dial on my transistor radio and tune in stations from as far away as Cleveland.  I loved radio, but at some point I figured out it too was a business.  That's when radio lost a great deal of its charm.

This last realization ties in nicely with some of the sentiment expressed in the comments of my Martin Streek Out At Edge 102 / CFNY entry.  Stations, like sports teams, are out to make a buck.  The value of "winning", "integrity", "loyalty" and such is only existent when tied to economic metrics.  Edge 102 doesn't care that there are 20 or so of us hankering for a return to the good 'ol days.  Edge 102 wants as many ears in their targeted demo listening as possible so they can extract more money from advertisers.  That's their bottom line.

Sports and radio were better before I figured that out.

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