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Was Nickelback Always Bad? I Say No...


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Nickelback - Old Enough
Today, Nickelback is exhibit A in arguments as to why popular rock music today sucks.  I'm as guilty as anyone.  Earlier this week, I dropped the term "Nickelback" as a negative, explaining why I didn't watch a minute of the Juno Awards.

It wasn't always this way.  I distinctly remember an 18-month period after Nickelback released The State when they were pretty okay.  They might not have been the coolest band on the planet, but The State was a solid album and their two Edgefest appearances afterwards were enjoyable.

It's acceptable to trash the mega-selling Nickelback machine today, but go back and listen to "Breathe", "Leader of Men", "Worthy to Say" and "Old Enough" and tell me it was so terrible.  In fact, here's "Old Enough" right here.  Not bad, eh?

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