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The Love Guru: 3 out of 10.

I've finally seen my beloved hockey team win the Stanley Cup.  Unfortunately, it was embedded in this steaming pile of elephant dung that I watched last night.

I'm thoroughly disappointed.  Mike Myers gets to make amends for our game seven loss to Gretzky and the Kings back in '93 and this is the best he can come up with.  It's dick joke after dick joke and it's embarrassing.

Here are a few scattered thoughts on The Love Guru, a movie I desperately wanted to like.

  • Our Stanley Cup drought is blamed on the curse of Hank Bullard, who bought the team after the 1967 season.  I wonder who Hank Bullard is supposed to represent? Hmmmmm....
  • Ben Kingsley is way above his humiliating role in this movie.  I cringed every time I saw him.
  • It was nice to hear the hockey song opening Hockey Night in Canada again.
  • I'm guessing Andy Frost wanted too much coin to reprise his role as ACC in-house announcer, because they went with someone else.
  • The best part of this movie is Stephen Colbert.
  • You'd think a hockey nut like Mike Myers would see that this movie was true to the rules.  First we see the ref issue a game suspension on the ice, later upgrading it to a two game suspension, and later we see him blowing the whistle to stop the game because a coach called a timeout.  It's not basketball!
  • And what was with Rob Blake taking a faceoff for the Kings?
  • Like Slumdog Millionaire, this movie ends with a Bollywood-style dance scene - other than that, there are absolutely no similarities.
  • Even Celine Dion had the good sense to stay out of this trainwreck.

At least the Leafs won the cup.

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