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Marlies Clinch Playoff Spot (Don't Bang on the Glass!)


A Toronto-based professional team is making the playoffs this year!  I just got back from Ricoh and an amazing Marlies game.  Against all odds, we have clinched a playoff spot.

Pogge was great between the pipes, we fought back from a 3-1 deficit against the best team in the division and we had to deal with questionable refereeing, a horrendous defensive lapse and Syracuse playing the worst team in the division.

I was only a few feet from the goal line when Tim Stapleton scored the winner in overtime.  I was lucky security cut me some slack.  They have a "don't bang on the glass" policy at Ricoh, which I ignore as the game becomes more intense.  I literally get lost in the action, and I really wanted this one.  When we scored the tying goal, I stood up and banged that glass as hard as I could.

Security came over and gave me a warning.  The kids beside me would bang the glass later that period and they got punted.  I think having an innocent 7-year old son in a Leafs jersey beside me worked in my favour.

It was a thrilling comeback and when Rochester beat Syracuse 2-0, we were 3 points ahead with only one game left in the regular season.  Syracuse can't make up 3 points in one game, no matter how many Faith Nights they had this season.  The Marlies have clinched a playoff spot.

Kids, don't bang on the glass.  That's one to grow on.

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