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The Wire Season Two: A Review

The Wire

Last night, I wrapped up episode 12 from Season Two of HBO's The Wire.  That was the season finale and the 25th episode overall.

Season One was all about the Barksdale Organization and we spent those first 12 episodes on the streets of Baltimore and in the pit with Avon's crew.  Season Two started very different.  I don't remember a series with a season as different from the previous one... all that bright colour at the port, targets with white skin, a completely different part of Baltimore...

We still followed Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell and their crew, but the heart of this season was the Baltimore port and an international smuggling organization known as "The Greeks".  We spent hours with Frank Sobotka, his son Ziggy and his nephew Nick.  It was very different, and very similar all at once.  The way it all folds together is nothing short of brilliant.  As my buddy Kic warned me, season two is different, but still good.

I'd share some of my favourite scenes, but as I collect them I realize they're all spoilers and if you haven't watched this series I'm hoping you'll hunt it down and give it a spin.  It's worth it for Frank Sobotka alone.  It's fantastic and I can't wait to start season three tonight.

Here's the great title opening for season two, where you can hear Tom Waits' "Way Down in the Hole" and see the Baltimore port.

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