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Twitter's Premium Accounts and the Fail Whale Tuxedo


Now that Twitter has all these eyeballs, how are they going to make money?  One way is by introducing premium accounts.

Williams stressed that free accounts will still be available to all  users, and that only those wanting more services would pay.   Premium  accounts will come in four tiers: Sparrow, Dove, Owl and Eagle.
The details of the accounts are as follows:
  • Sparrow ($5/month) – Users get 145 character  limit, 5 extra random followers.
  • Dove ($15/month) – Users get 160 character limit, 25 extra random  followers, 1 random celebrity follower, auto-spell check, "Fail Whale"  T-shirt.
  • Owl ($50/month) – Users get 250 character limit, 100 extra  random followers, 2 random celebrity followers, 30 minutes on  recommended list, auto-spell check, "Fail Whale" hoodie.
  • Eagle ($250/month) – Users get 500 character limit, 1000 extra  random followers, 3 celebrity followers of their choice, 5 hours on  recommended list each month, Twitter Concierge for Tweeting while user  is asleep or busy (and more), auto-spell check, "Fail Whale" tuxedo,  custom "Fail Whale" page when service is down.

A Fail Whale tuxedo...  I love it! :-)

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