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Mike Boone of the Montreal Gazette


When driving home from the office, I'll often listen to Prime Time Sports, hosted by Bob McCown on THEFAN590.  Like any die hard Leaf fan, I love it when they explore the glorious fall of the Montreal Canadiens.  The go-to guy lately, for such discussions, is Mike Boone of the Montreal Gazette.

Naturally, my ears always prick up when I hear McCown announced that Michael Boone or Mike Boone will be on.  Not only do we share a name, but I'm fascinated by the topic.  In their 100th season, Habs fans expected their team to win another cup.  Instead, they're clinging to a playoff spot.  Their beloved coach was just canned, their beloved goaltender with ice in his veins has stumbled back to earth and even us Leaf fans are taking delight in the free-fall.

Mike Boone has a blog, if you want to read his take on the Habs.  Unfortunately, he likes to post garbage like this.

Who knew an extra "e" could make such a difference?

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