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Bobby Jindal May Be Kenneth From 30 Rock, But That's Not My Pet Peeve


The Republican Party in the USA has been singing the praises of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  Some in that circle see Jindal as the Republican answer to Barack Obama.  I first learned all about Jindal recently on 60 Minutes, and he sounds a great deal more George Dubya Bush than Barack Obama.  Yikes!

Jindal delivered the  GOP response to President Obama's address to Congress, and I was interested in reading what the pundits thought of his performance.  They thought he was lousy, with a speaking pattern somewhere between Mr. Rogers and Kenneth from 30 Rock, but my beef isn't with Jindal.  My beef is with news sites that break articles up into several pages.

That's my biggest web pet peeve.  I wanted to read Howard Kurtz's article in the Washington Post and it was spread out over five pages.  They do it to increase page visits and ad impressions, but it just pisses off the reader.  At least it pisses me off.  Throw it all on one page and let me scroll down, dammit!

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