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Waving the White Flag: Unable to Part with Money


I almost titled this entry "Too Old for this Shit."  I've been trying to give The Tragically Hip my hard-earned money since 10am this morning.  I mentioned the pre-sale for tickets to see The Tragically Hip at Massey Hall started this morning at 10 and I wanted to see my favourite band again.

I made sure I was logged in to at 9:30 and I started my F5ing at about 9:56 am.  That's when I first got this:


That can't be good.  A few reloads of Firefox later, and I was welcomed.  Unfortunately, it wasn't the welcome I was hoping for.


Eventually, I got this exciting new error message.


After fifteen minutes of this crap, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.  An image loaded!


I was determined to see my band for an eleventh time.  Now, the header was loading, so I felt optimistic.


Oh great.. a new challenge to overcome...


A half hour in, I had to bail.  I have work to do... and a 12 o'clock meeting to prepare for.  The real world beckons and I can't afford to play the F5 challenge with all morning.  I gave it one last shot...


I give up.  Unless a fellow Hip fan or a member of the Hip team grants this fan his wish, I won't be updating again this May.

I know when I'm licked.

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