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Harold Hosein Out at 680 News


When Harold Hosein was fired from City-TV back in 2006, I wrote about it.  Today, there's a new comment on that entry from a chap named Ian.

Harold Hosein is no longer with 680 news....I found out today...02/04/09

It seems 680 News didn't renew Harold Hosein's contract, meaning Toronto is without the meteorologist on the air for the first time in twenty years.  680 still has the bio he wrote online, so I'll paste it here for posterity.

I was born and educated to the high school level in the sunny tropical islands of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. My interest in meteorology and aviation began in high school, where excellent teachers motivated me.
A few of us started a radio station at school, which led to broadcasting careers for several of us in radio and television.
After migrating to Canada in 1967, I joined Environment Canada and trained in meteorology. I spent 21 years with Environment Canada, mostly at the Toronto weather office at Pearson International Airport, and worked extensively with commercial airline crews, commercial interests and the media from 1968 to 1989, when I left for a new career in television from 1989 to 2006.
During that time I did part-time radio work with CHML in Hamilton and CFRB in Toronto. I became staff meteorologist at CJCL from 1987 to 1991, then staff meteorologist at CFRB from 1993 to 1999. I moved to 680News in November 1999.
I have operated my own weather forecasting consultancy since 1987 and have served the Blue Jays, the Rogers Centre, the Canadian Open golf series, the Canadian Tennis Championships at York University, the city of Toronto snow operations, and many others, including foreign newspapers, another local television station and clients in the U.S. and England.
I am my greatest competition, trying to achieve 100 per cent at all times, knowing fully well that it is impossible.
I love motor racing, soccer, cricket, gardening, fishing, building and landscaping. I compose music and lyrics in the calypso style, and my calypso moniker is 'Hurricane Harold.'
The most difficult thing for me is doing nothing. I operate a charity called Recycle Your Bicycle, sending unwanted bicycles and other useful items from Canada to Cuba. You may learn more about it by visiting and

It's a rough time for many an industry, including the media.  Who's next?

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