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Here are recent comments left on this site you may have missed.  All of these comments were left in 2009.

From the time I was a kid, the place always had a bit of magic:  Dream a little ... fill out a blue-inked, white piece of paper ... and ... ummm ... sometimes you might get exactly what you asked for.
During my college years (where my areas of study were economics, business administration, marketing), in the late 1970's and early 1980's,  I worked part time at store #47, in Cambridge, Ontario.
I loved the place.  Part of what inspired me to get a job there was to improve upon the things I enjoyed about CD.  While not quite the band of inspirational free-thinkers who had invented milk and honey, I was surprised at the relatively large ego of the bureaucracy on high ... where customer satisfaction and loyalty seemed to matter not.
At store level, I never viewed a customer leaving dissatisfied or empty-handed as a good thing. Without being asked or told, I would often quietly work the system to find out what could be done to improve/expedite things to everyone's betterment.
No sour grapes here, but even as a wet-nosed college kid, I was surprised at how little attention was given by upper management to ideas put forth by forward-thinking customers, workers or store managers.
Walmart or not, I think that Consumer's Distributing could have gone on to become a modern superstar among current retailers.  A bit of intuitiveness, imagination, the ability to listen and smaller egos could have gone a long way for them.  It's too bad that they are gone.
~ Linus, Consumers Distributing
Is Toronto Mike your stage name? Who is the great OZ behind the curtain...?
It is awful creepy that Mike from Lowville knows that I'm a redhead? How is this possible exactly...? What kind of blog are you running here and mostly how is the color of my hair relevant?
~ Amber, Scientology, Autism and the Death of Jett Travolta
Anyone who includes Our Lady Peace on a list has no musical taste whatsoever.
~ Gerry, 49 Songs
Hey!I went to a catholic school and I remember this game we played where a personwith both hands would hold onto a chain link fence.Then the next person would run and land on his back,then the next person would do the same.I'm not sure what it was called or what the purpose of it was,but I seriously injured my neck.Whip-lash I think!
Anyways those were the days!
~ Anonymous, Games We Played in the Schoolyard
I was at the resort that night, in the hotel - that explains all the partying happening on the first floor!  LOL
~ Matthew, Returning to Normal
Thank God! We get to hear The Champ on KJKJ108 in Grand Forks ND. I thought that voice was familiar, but after 25 yrs. of not hearing CITI-FM who'da thunk it was ol' Brother Jake? Always good for a stops at my job whenever The Champ comes on. Thanx, Bro Jake. Really miss the CITI-FM days...that was the only station worth having on in northern MN in the early 80's
~ Danny, The Champ
I doubt he rests in peace now.
I think he's meditating hard now to find peace after he deceived millions of people, telling them that Transcendental meditation has nothing to do with religion, taking lots of money and telling that mantras are meaningless words. I hope god writes down the mantra "aima" on a stick and shoves it through his lazy ass
~ Rob, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Rest in Peace
Was just searching one of my favorite (hillarious) moments in sport and this conversation came up. The moment I'm speaking of is Brad Marsh scoring in the all-star game. As for for the comment about naming a house support after the cumbersome one, I laughed for hours, thanks for the smile felix.
~ Edmonton Jason, Ryan Hollweg Joins Worst Maple Leaf Team Ever
"Unfair disadvantage of playing commercials to pay the bills"???
Heck, I'm heating my tiny condo by burning $100 bills!  Real ones, too.  Not the Pacific Mall knockoffs with Jet Li instead of Robert Borden on the front!  'Scuze me while I finish the bacon and eggs I'm consuming from a hooker's chest......
Seriously, get better Andy.  You're missed in this market.
~ Stafford, Andy Barrie's Privacy Protected
fuck tsn2 fuck it in the goat ass. oh and fuck rogers
~ shme, TSN2 and the Raptors
That's awful.
They get a smaller font than Girl Talk, who just take PE music and mash it up with Britney Spears?
~ Down Goes Brown, No Respect
McCown doesn't know shit about sports in general! It's either he takes the position of the majority of the roundtable or he likes to be a dick and play devil's advocate with stupid arguments.  His shows can also go weeks (and I mean it) without variety.  For example, For at least 2 weeks, nothing was talked about EXCEPT fighting in hockey recently! No one cares what you think about you're not changing anyone's mind bud so stop talking about it! FUCK! And his commercials make him look like a duche, not someone who thinks they know sports.
I think Watters is an idiot aswell to be honest. As already stated he loves the Leafs off. Don't find him entertaining either.
Getting off the AM/FM dial, Hardcore sports is best.
~ Lloyd Bank$, Bob McCown vs. Bill Watters
OMG!!! I love this blog! I had the same hell from Prima for months now. Thank God, I am not alone in my horrible opinion of them. Seems like Vic and Frank are the only two people running the company. WTF is going on there? Anyone living in Vancouver should go visit them in person and see what shady warehouse or garage they must be working out of. LOL Keep sending the complaints and boycott their products. Hopefully, soon they will go out of business and save others form this nightmare! :-) Maybe one of us should start a Facebook group on this as well. LOL
~ Souvla, My Prima Television Nightmare
It's not surprising it's your favourite show Mike.  It's aimed at people like you.
~ Sammi, I Got Hurt Feelings, I Got Hurt Feelings
I'd ask him how he feels about being in the presence of Toronto Blogging Greatness. That and when he found out he was drafted by the Leafs did he want to a) quit hockey, b) kill himself.
~ howard, Questions for Justin Pogge
I saw the movie twice and just purchased the release in Feb/09
The movie was about the 10th battalion in which my father served during the entire war except from Aug/18 when he was shot through the leg. A battalion at full strength is 1,000. men The 10th went through nearly 6,000. in the four year war. Dad told me some of the horrors and in particular, Passchendaele. The action scenes were exactly as recorded.I am on my way to the western front with my two daughters in April/09. My third visit, and Passchendaele will certainly be on the list. When general Charteris first saw the battlefield of Passchendaele, He burst into tears saying,  " We sent men to fight in that?" (The 3feet of mud) flanked by fortified machine gun fire with the enemy controlling from the hill. No wonder the Germans referred to the Canadians as shock troops.
~ Dave Vose, Passchendaele: The 10th Battalion, CEF
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