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Andy Barrie's Privacy Protected


Readers of this blog know I'm an Andy Barrie fan.  On November 6, 2008, I was listening when he signed off and told us he was going to be taking a leave of absence to care for a member of his family who was ill.  I wrote about that and now rank #2 when you google his name.

Many are Googling his name, because CBC won't say boo about where Andy Barrie is and why he's not on the radio.  If you happened to miss his sign off on November 6, you'd be left in the dark.   CBC RadioOne's Metro Morning has gone on without Barrie and not once have the hosts mentioned what's going on.

The bulk of the 33 comments on that entry are Andy Barrie fans who miss his voice and want an update.. word that Andy is okay and will return.  It's possible Andy will read this entry, so if you're out there, please let us know how you're doing.  Either contact me or leave a comment.

CBC has done a great job protecting your privacy, but Toronto's most popular morning show host disappearing for three months without a peep isn't fair to the fans who made you #1.

Andy Barrie, are you okay?

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