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Love and Presents


Earlier in the month I wrote about how I see "Secret Santa" as a gateway drug to no-buy, no-receive.  As I lobby to push my agenda forward I'm encountering quite a bit of resistance from members of my immediate family.

It seems some equate love with presents.  The giving of stuff has become a symbol of caring, an act of love.  This is precisely why I seek to exit the crushing consumerism of the Christmas season.  In a nutshell, it's this perceived correlation between love and presents that I wish to obliterate.

First I'd like to address a few misconceptions.  No, I'm not trying to take the fun out of the holiday.  I'm pro-fun.  I want lots of time with loved ones, lots of good food and drink and conversation.  I want to see the kids open their gifts and lose their minds when they see they got what they asked for.  I want Christmas to be less stressful and more fun.

And no, I'm not trying to be cheap.  This isn't about saving money.  The problem with the holiday season is that we're obligated to spend X and it's this obligation I'm trying to eliminate.  We give our loved ones stuff they don't really need or want because that's the rule. That's a rule we need to break.

I sincerely believe that we've lost our way as a society when it comes to the festive spirit.  I'd just like to see us get back on track.  I'd like us to stop equating love with stuff.  They completely lack a logical or causal relation.

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