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I took a beating in the comments of my Sundin Trashes Toronto: Toronto Mike Exclusive! entry. There are 18 comments there as of this posting, but that's nothing.  This entry is about Freddie P, the comments king.

Fred linked to that entry as part of his "Comments We Like" series.  Fred's entry linking to my entry has 36 comments thus far.  I like Trish's comment over there.

Find VegasGeoff a house on Wisteria Lane. He really is sounding like a desperate housewife. Maybe Sundin said exactly what he knew VegasGeoff wanted him to say. Maybe he's just creating a little mischief. You guys sound like a bunch of girls - it really is a silly thing to argue about. When Sundin's banner ascends to the rafters of the ACC 30 years from now, he will be there to watch with tears in his cold, Swedish eyes. You can bet on that.

C'mon Trish, it won't take 30 years to raise #13 to the rafters.  I'll bet it happens before 2020.

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