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Blue Chippers?


As this blog approaches its sixth anniversary, it becomes easier to delve into the archives to gain some perspective.  Following the big Leafs trade this afternoon, I searched this site for the keyword Colaiacovo, a rather unique term.  I've used it 19 times.

Way back in March of 2004, John Ferguson, Jr. traded for Brian Leetch at the trade deadline.  I wrote an entry about it that included the following line.

The Leafs needed an upgrade on the blue line and this is exactly that. The key to this deal is the Leafs hold on to blue-chippers like Carlo Colaiacovo and Alexander Steen and don't give up anyone on their active roster.

I referred to Colaiacovo and Steen as "blue-chippers".  Yes, the very same Colaiacovo and Steen we just shipped out of town for a player few have even heard of.

It's amazing how quickly players in this city go from blue chip prospects to mistakes we run out of town.  Four years ago these two were the youth we were going to build around and now they're Lee Stempniak.

Blue chippers indeed.

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