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Put A Fork In Me


I had a blast running three times a week throughout the summer of 2007.  Then, during a 17km run last November, I broke down.

I eventually tired of all the disappointing attempts at running again.  I loved running, but every time I gave it another shot, I'd feel the same damn pain in my right leg and I'd have to stop.  This usually happened at the 3.5km mark.  I'd feel good for 3km, then the pain would set in, and then I'd spend the next week or so limping around.

As you can imagine, all this leg pain started to mess with activities I love like playing ball twice a week and going for nice long walks.  I made a decision to shut it all down for the summer until baseball season was over.  Then, I figured I'd try it again.

My baseball season ended Thursday and then I got a taste of that running high when I participated in the Terry Fox Run on Sunday, so tonight I decided to go for a real run for the first time in about four months.  The result broke my heart.

It's the same pain in the same place and it's no better than it was last November.  I hereby announce my retirement from the running game.  Put a fork in me, I'm done.

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