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Bryan McCabe Traded to the Florida Panthers


In one horribly kept secret transaction, the Toronto Maple Leafs are sending Bryan McCabe and a draft pick to the Florida Panthers for defenceman Mike Van Ryn.

As the Bryan McCabe era comes to a end, it's time to reflect upon #24 and what he meant to this city.  I just searched this site for instances of the keyword mccabe and there is 215 such entries.  He's been on our blue line for the past eight years, delivering some horrible seasons and some solid ones.  Remember, the man was an alternate in Torino.

He was good enough that my brother wears #24 on his Leafs jersey but then he scored that massive contract that his shoulders couldn't bear.  I was ecstatic last year when I heard the rumours somebody wanted McCabe's contact but I never blamed Bryan for not waiving his no-trade clause.  That mess was the doing of JFJ and MLSE.

Farewell, #24.  Good luck with the Panthers.  It was time to move on, and besides, Uncle Cliffy has already given us The Finger.

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