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Sundin Sundin Sundin Sundin Sundin Sundin Sundin


It's July 22 and it's Mats Sundin, Mats Sundin, Mats Sundin, Mats Sundin, Mats Sundin, Mats Sundin, Mats Sundin.

A Swedish newspaper reported he was set to sign with Vancouver, then his agent denied the claim.  Another Swedish newspaper conducted a poll asking fans where they think the free agent centre will wind up, and the results were strongly in the Maple Leafs' favour, at 37 per cent. Will he return? Will he retire? Will he sign elsewhere?  It's all about Mats Sundin.

Personally, I think Mats Sundin makes us too good.  I love the guy, I think he's a class act with a boatload of skill and loyal to a fault, but I've got my heart set on a 30 win season and #13 will make us a tad too competitive.

Still, I suspect The Mats will announce his return as some point this summer and he'll retire next summer as a Toronto Maple Leaf.  In the meantime, the Toronto media will run with Mats Sundin story after Mats Sundin story giving the people what they want.  All Mats, all the time.

That reminds me, I'm due to visit  79 days, 7 hours, 13 minutes, and 10 seconds left until the Maple Leafs season opener!

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