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Retiring An Old Jersey


I once wrote that I like progress, I just don't like change.  My slo-pitch team (the comp one, not the beer league one) has worn the same blue jerseys for years.  We've done quite well in those old blue shirts, having won our division last season.  Still, a few teammates wanted a change so we ditched the old blues for new red jerseys.

The moment we switched, we lost four in a row.  We went from a 7-5 record in comp to a 7-9 record.  Naturally, I blamed the new jerseys.  The Jays haven't won since they ditched their old logo and I remember the Pittsburgh Penguins changing their jerseys after back-to-back cups and they haven't won since.  You don't change your jersey following a championship season!

Last night, however, we actually won a game wearing red.  It was a hard fought 14-13 victory with a thrilling conclusion and the monkey is off our back.  The next step is a return to .500.

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