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Rainfall Record Imminent


It looks like it's going to rain again today.  What a surprise.

According to Environment Canada, 2008 has been one of the wettest summers ever in the Greater Toronto Area and it's only July. The agency said about 240 millimetres of rain has fallen since the beginning of last month.
Another 30 millimetres would break the decades-old record of 270 millimetres of rain for the the June July period. The old record was 271.5 millimetres set in 1980.
At the height of last summer, only about 88 millimetres had been recorded by Environment Canada.

We're coming off the snowiest winter of my lifetime.  That's a lot of precipitation.  I gauge the raininess of a summer by the number of slo-pitch rain-outs.  In total, I've had 27 ball games scheduled and only one cancelled due to rain.  When my wife told me the other day it's been rainier than usual, I threw this stat at her as proof it's not that rainy.

Honey, I was wrong.

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