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Mike Kic Goes Bananas


I've been playing ball with Mike Kic for years.  He's one of our three Mikes, and all three can lose their cool on the field now and then.  When competitive people engage in a heated battle, fuses shorten and tempers flare.  The challenge is to ensure the line is never crossed so you can stay in the game.

Kic is also on my dodgeball team.  Last night, about half way through our tense match-up with Where's Linda?, Kic crossed the line.  Already eliminated, he picked up the ball and drilled it at the guy who just knocked him out.  It was then that Where's Linda? left the court and we were disqualified.  We're awaiting judgment from the TCSSC as to our fate, but Kic has already launched a preemptive strike.  He's quit.

Hey Team,
Sorry about my stupid behaviour at tonight's game, that was ******* of me to do. I completely ruined the game for everyone and I apologize for my actions. I think it's best that I leave the competitive game of dodgeball so that this doesn't happen in future games for you guys.
Good luck the rest of the season, I know you guys will have more fun without my antics.

I hear you giggling at the "competitive game of dodgeball" line, but when you're out on that court, it's war.  The beast within you is unleashed and you enter full combat mode.  We trained Mike Kic to be a killing machine and then we chastised him for ignoring the boundaries.

Speaking of Mike Kic, he recently appeared in a Future Shop ad.  Here he is going bananas about NBA07 on the PSP.

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