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Why The Hell Not Cujo?


It looks like Andrew Raycroft has played his last game as a Toronto Maple Leaf.  So has Scott Clemmensen.  That leaves Vesa Toskala as the only goaltender in the organization with NHL experience.

We're all still hoping Justin Pogge will become a bonafide NHL goalie, but it looks like he'll need another year in the AHL playing for the Marlies.  That means the Leafs need a backup to Tosky.  Tosky will likely play about 60 games, but who will start the other 22?

I'm endorsing Curtis Joseph to fill that role.  Why the hell not?  He won't break the bank, he'd love to come back and retire a Maple Leaf and he's still got 22 games left in his 41-year old body.

It's already going to be a long and painful season, at least having Cujo back will give us something to get excited about.

Speaking of next season, is once again online and counting down the seconds.  There are only 102 days, 4 hours, 1 minutes, and 22 seconds left until the Maple Leafs opener against Detroit.

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