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Yesterday afternoon, before heading over to East Side Mario's to celebrate a couple of birthdays, I asked for help finding three Canadian songs in MP3 format.  These are three songs I adore but have never had in my collection.  That fact alone tells you're they're a little obscure.

By the time I got home, I saw a comment from Jason on that entry required my approval before being published.  To combat comment spammers, I moderate all comments with 3 or more links in them.  Jason was linking to his blog and two music blogs that he thought might be able to help me in my search.

I manually approved Jason's comment and, as people clicked through my site to the music blogs he linked, those blog owners saw traffic to their blogs from  As any good webmaster would do, they clicked over to see who was linking to them.  I do this as well when I check my referral logs.

Miss Parker from Rave and Roll saw what I was looking for and was able to share with me the Demics and Diodes tracks.  Shortly thereafter, at about 12:19am, the 3rd and final track came through thanks to Brian.  In less than 12 hours I had the three songs I was unable to find on my own.

This is a great example of how the blogosphere works.  It takes a great big world and connects it digitally via search engines and referral logs.  It's much clearer in the chart below I just threw together.

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